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SW Skills Directory

"There's nothing wrong with charging for our help; in fact, it's often the right thing to do" 

Lola Davina-Thriving in sex work Sex work and money

Here at SW skills directory we believe in the power of community. SWorkers have an incredible diversity of skills. Often we are every department in our own businesses. We become masters of many of the skills required to run our businesses. We understand that we all have different skills and skill levels. Some we love to do and some we do because we have to.


Wouldn't it be wonderful to be able to hire someone to take care of the parts of the business that you don't love or don't want to put the time in to learn? There are many skilled people out there, however there is always the concern about judgement by non SWorkers. 


This is where the idea for SW Skills Directory was born. Seeing people posting on social media asking for contacts for certain skill sets and hoping that the right person might see the post. Inspired by Lola Davina writing about the many skills we develop through our careers as SW here is a place to monetize on those skills to other SW. 

This site is meant to be used as a Directory of skills. People are able to post their skills they offer, the skills they are seeking for certain jobs/type of work, as well as physical items they are selling. Anyone who is/was a Sworker can post and contact to set up hiring for a job.

People are not vetted before being listed, so all responsibility for quality of work and payment is between those completing the transaction.

This is NOT a place to advertise any Swork activities to clients. 

Please fill out the correct form to have your skills or required skills added to the site. Site is updated weekly.

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